Feel Better… Live Longer

Maybe you're already a senior or older adult runner, biker, or swimmer and just want to "get faster" or "make podium";....or simply get in shape to improve your lifestyle and look and feel better...maybe you'll start slowly like you've planned…? Give me a holler (I'm in the neighborhood), Certified Fitness Trainer and USAT Triathlon Coach. Sometimes seniors … Continue Reading

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DIETS DON’T WORK (actually, they do…)

It's not often I directly reference a diet article, but this was a simple and obvious: Why do weight-loss programs fail?...which they seem to do quite often. One client [of John Berardi, fitness and diet coach for several Olympic programs, in an ISSA article] tried low-carb, then low-fat, and finally, balanced macronutrient diets with the same result … Continue Reading

5 Keys for Successful Triathletes (How I do/don’t do on that list)

     Being really good at something really tests whether I've got the stuff. It's never a walk in the park....and occasionally it's a bit like whistling past the graveyard. In coaching triathletes, I can honestly only expect from someone no more effort than I'm willing to exert myself. So this great article in Triathlon Magazine by Ben Griffin pretty well … Continue Reading


Referring to brain size. As you exercise more, various parts of your brain actually grow, sizewise, and including increased ability to perform their function(s). (from an extremely well referenced ISSA article by Alexander Van Houten) Take, for instance, the cerebellum; only about ten percent of the brain, yet contains more than half of all the brain … Continue Reading